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Easy Water Sports worth Trying

Water sports are great recreational activities that offer fitness as well. They are adventurous and exciting, and the involvement of water makes them more appealing. Most people tend to shy away from water sports that involve the use of surfing board. It is often assumed that they require a certain level of fitness, and talent.

Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is the use of a kite and a board to move across water while relying on the wind to achieve movement. It is a surface water sport. Smooth water is more preferable since it allows the rider to freestyle comfortably, taking off and landing easily. The main type of kite used on water is the inflatable kite. They have plastic bladders that give the kite shape and make it float on water. The bladders are within the leading edge and can be inflated with an air pump.

Inflatable kites come in four forms, Hybrid Kites, C-Kites, Bow Kites, and Delta Kites. The C-kite is the oldest model but is very powerful. It’s not recommendable for beginners, but its stability makes it suitable for freestylers.

The Bow Kite is a popular model among kitesurfers globally due to its ease in depowering and relaunching. Its excellent upwind performance makes it a favorite for racers. The Delta Kite is D-shaped and is easy to relaunch and use in a wide range of winds. Beginners can comfortably use it as well as freestyle enthusiasts, and racers. The Hybrid Kite combines the depowering and relaunching features of the Bow Kite and the strength and stability of the C-Kite.

Kitesurfing is a relatively easy sport, you don’t need to be super fit, but some lessons are necessary in order to master staying upwind.


Like kitesurfing, wind surfing relies on wind to move across water. It is a surface water sport as well that involves sailing.

Windsurfing uses three tools: a windsurf board, a sail, a mast and a boom. The size of the sail will depend on the weather conditions and the smoothness of the water. But as a beginner, a smaller sail is best. It’s easier to control and light. As a beginner, you will need a big windsurfing board for better stability. As you learn the tricks of the sport and increase your skills, you can get a smaller board. How to Choose a Windsurfing Board When buying your windsurfing board, there are two major factors you need to consider.


This is an important aspect of your windsurfing board. It refers to the amount of water the board can displace before it submerges. One Kilogram of your weight can be supported by one Litre of the board’s volume. For a beginner you will need to add 50 to 100 Litres to your weight. So if you weigh 50 Kilograms, the windsurfing board should have a volume of 100 to 150 Litres.


The wider the board, the more stable it will be. You will need the extra stability as a beginner. But it shouldn’t be too wide such as a formula board which can be difficult to control when the speed increases.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are both easy water sports that do not require much training unlike surfing. They are not just fun, but a great break from the usual swimming during summer. With the right tools suitable for beginners and some practice, they may become your favorite water sports.